September 11, 2008

Jailed Billionaire Sued By Underage Girls

A lawyer for two teenage girls says they are suing a jailed Florida billionaire for more than $100 million for allegedly soliciting erotic massages.

Investment banker Jeffrey Epstein, 55, is serving 18 months in the Palm Beach County Jail to be followed by a year of house arrest, likely at his mansion in Palm Beach, for soliciting massages from minors, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Thursday.

Miami lawyer Jeffrey Herman Wednesday filed two civil suits in federal court on behalf of the girls who say they were 13 and 16 when they allegedly began giving Epstein massages in his home, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

The younger girl allegedly massaged Epstein once while the older girl massaged him several times a month for up to two years, said Herman, alleging the emotional damage to the girls exceeds $50 million each.