September 12, 2008

Lescarden, Inc.: Catrix(R) Pediatric Burn Study is Featured in Cosmetic Dermatology

A study published in the peer reviewed journal, Cosmetic Dermatology, concludes that Lescarden's Catrix(R) Wound Dressing can provide clinicians with a viable non-surgical alternative to skin grafting for children suffering from second and third degree burns. This study was conducted at the Burn Center of Bestian Medical Center, Seoul, Korea.

In this pilot study, the burn-healing efficacy of Catrix Wound Dressing was evaluated in deep and subdermal second and third-degree burns among 41 children who were unresponsive to conventional therapy with silver sulfadiazine, and whose parents refused recommended skin grafting.

In all cases, the wounds healed completely with no residual scarring. No infections were detected after the start of treatment with Catrix wound-dressing powder, and no side effects were reported. The investigators concluded that "In our experience, this cartilage-based powder (Catrix) was a safe and effective alternative to surgery. Healing time after the first application was relatively short, occurring within days to weeks, and scarring was minimal. The powder was easy to apply and the use associated with fewer risks than are typically associated with surgery. Our experience suggests that ...Catrix may be a viable option for the management of pediatric burns."

Skin-grafting procedures are the treatment of choice for the management of deep second and third-degree burns. However, such procedures are highly invasive, require hospitalization, and are associated with a variety of risks including infection, hematoma, anesthesia-related risks, and donor-site morbidity. Unfortunately, few alternative treatments are available.

Catrix(R) Wound Dressing is a biologic powder form product derived from specially processed bovine tracheal cartilage. Catrix Wound Dressing is approved by the FDA and the European Union for the management of chronic skin wounds including decubitus ulcers, venous stasis ulcers and diabetic ulcers as well as second degree burns and post-radiation dermatitis. Bovine cartilage-based preparations are well-established facilitators of wound healing. In clinical studies, such preparations have been shown to accelerate wound healing, and improve tensile strength, granulation, and vascularization.

Lescarden, Inc. (LCAR.OB), maker of Catrix(R) Wound Dressing, is a 48-year-old biotech company dedicated to the development of natural, biologic therapies for the chronic wound care, dermatology and osteoarthritis markets. For more information please contact the Company at 212-687-1050 or visit