September 12, 2008

Your Life: We’re 38 Stone Happier ; DIET It’s Your Last Chance to Vote for Our Life Change Champion. For 21weeks These 10 Readers Have Followed Eurodiet’s Strict Eating Plan. The Person Whose Weight Loss Changes Their Life Most Wins Pounds 15,000. Here, T


My diabetes has gone

Asma Maghoo, 23, mum-of-three from South Ockendon, Essex.

Height: 5ft 4in

Starting weight: 14st 8lb

Current weight: 10st 13lb

Weight lost: 3st 8lb

BMI before: 35. Now: 26.5

Target weight: 10st 11lb

My three life changes:

1 "My type 2 diabetes has gone. My cholesterol has also dropped from very high to normal."

2 "I exercise every day. I either cycle for half an hour or run on a treadmill."

3 "Instead of takeaways I cook healthy meals for the family. My three boys (all aged under five) now love vegetables."

I've come out of myblack hole

Ann Bradshaw, 66, retired and lives in Lincoln.

Height: 5ft 7in

Starting weight: 15st 1lb

Current weight: 11st 6lb

Weight lost: 3st 9lb

BMI before: 33. Now: 25.5

Target weight: 11st 7lb

My three life changes:

1 "I did the Race For Life in July, raising pounds 1,000 for Cancer Research in memory of my daughter Jayne who died of breast cancer."

2 "I've trained as a leader for Walking The Way To Health, hoping to inspire others to go on walks."

3 "I feel good about myself. I've come out of the black hole I was in."

My cholesterol is now healthy

Carrie Boyce, 27, mum-of-one from East London.

Height: 5ft 4in

Starting weight: 16st 5lb

Current weight: 12st 2lb

Weight lost: 4st 3lb

BMI before: 39. Now: 29

Target weight: 11st 7lb

My three life changes:

1 "I can now kick a ball in the park with my two-year-old Harry."

2 "My cholesterol has dropped from extremely high to normal. I've also quit smoking."

3 "I've got a new boyfriend and I'm totally in love. He worships the ground I walk on. He's already mentioned getting engaged."

I'm able to donate a kidney to my son

Graeme Goldstone, 46, taxi controller and dad-of-five from Basildon, Essex.

Height: 6ft

Starting weight: 21st 6lb

Current weight: 16st 10lb

Weight lost: 4st 8lb

BMI before: 40. Now: 32

Target weight: 13st 7lb

My three life changes:

1 "My son Anthony, 17, has renal failure. I'm a match but I was too heavy for surgery. Now I am able to donate."

2 "I've turned over a new leaf and given up smoking. I no longer have symptoms from my hiatus hernia."

3 "I went swimming with the kids and didn't feel embarrassed."

I'm a success at work and in love

Laura Seeley, 22, customer services assistant from Plymouth.

Height: 5ft 4in

Starting weight: 15st 7lb

Current weight: 12st 3lb

Weight lost: 3st 4lb

BMI before: 38. Now: 29.5

Target weight: 12st

My three life changes:

1 "I've got a new boyfriend, Kevin, who's lovely. At the start of the challenge I was an emotional wreck after a break-up. But I'm not the fat girl who was bullied at school any more."

2 "I gained a distinction in a retail qualification."

3 "I plucked up courage to join the gym."

I landed a new job

Lesley Clifton, 42, student advisor from Herne Bay, Kent.

Height: 5ft 7in

Starting weight: 15st 7lb

Current weight: 12st 8lb

Weight lost: 2st 13lb

BMI before: 34. Now: 27.5

Target weight: 11st 7lb

My three life changes:

1 "My new-found confidence helped me to get a new job after redundancy."

2 "I can walk without waddling from side to side, and I no longer need a stick. Last month I was fit enough to climb the 200m-high Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka."

3 "I can fit into an aeroplane seat now. At my biggest I could hardly get the tray down. It made me really anxious about travel."

I swim 50 laps

Linda Kincaid, 44, mum-of-two and a police administrator from Milton Keynes.

Height: 5ft 4in

Starting weight: 14st 8lb

Current weight: 12st

Weight lost: 2st 8lb

BMI before: 35. Now: 28.5

Target weight: 11st

My three life changes:

1 "I take my girls swimming and have got quite addicted. I easily swim 50 laps."

2 "Before the diet I found it hard to believe people would find me attractive, but I've even been speed-dating."

3 "I've been belly dancing and ice-skating. I'm glad I can set a healthy example to my girls."

I'm off abroad for first time

Tracey Watson, 44, cashier and mum-of-one, Notts.

Height: 5ft 4.5in

Starting weight: 16st 12lb

Current weight: 11st 10lb

Weight lost: 5st 2lb

BMI before: 41. Now: 28

Target weight: 10st 7lb

My three life changes:

1 "I'm taking my eight-year-old Liberty abroad - to Spain - for the first time ever next year."

2 "I'm so active now. I've even enrolled the family on a Tae Kwan Do course."

3 "I've beaten my depression."

I have a healthy attitude to food

Clare Riley, 39, administrator from Newport, Gwent.

Height: 5ft 4in

Starting weight: 18st 4lb

Weight now: 14st 2lb

Weight lost: 4st 2lb

BMI before: 44.

Now: 33.5

Target weight: 11st

My three life changes:

1 "Losing weight allowed me to have two operations on a leaky valve in my leg."

2 "I have a healthier relationship with food and now see it only as fuel."

3 "I'll be slimmer for my wedding in New York in December."

My sex life has improved!

Richard Pughsley, 29, nurse from Mid Glam. Married with one son and a stepson.

Height: 6ft 3in

Starting weight: 22st 4lb

Current weight: 17st

Weight lost: 5st 4lb

BMI before: 39.

Now: 30

Target weight:

14st 7lb

My three life changes:

1 "I can kick a ball around with my eight-year-old."

2 "I'm playing rugby for the first time since I was 16."

3 "My sex life with my wife Maria has improved!"


To vote online, visit Select the list of all those who took part in the challenge and select who you think most deserves our pounds 15,000 prize. You can check back daily to find out who's in the lead and you can vote as often as you like. To vote by post, send your entry to Eurodieters, PO Box 6867, London E14 5AN by September 15. Experts including a nutritionist and representatives from Eurodiet and the Mirror will have the final say on the winner, to be revealed on September 26./Eurodiet helps people with over 3st to lose and is giving readers 50 per cent off a starter kit (normally pounds 99.99). Contact 0870 990 8911/


BMI stands for Body Mass Index and is an indicator of how healthy your weight is.

20-25 is healthy

25-30 is overweight

30-39 is obese

40+ morbidly obese

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