September 12, 2008

Missing Italian Girl May Have Surfaced

An 8-year-old girl found on the Greek island of Kos is believed to be Denise Pipitone, who was abducted four years ago in Italy.

Investigators said that the girl has a birthmark on her face under one eye as Denise did and that she appears to be able to speak only Italian, The Daily Mail reported. She was with a Roma woman who admitted under questioning she is not the child's mother.

Piera Pipitone, the missing girl's mother, said that she has had to endure numerous false alarms since her daughter was taken as she played outside her grandmother's house in Sicily. She said that this time the resemblance to her daughter is so close she has agreed to a DNA test.

Police were directed to the Roma or gypsy woman and the girl earlier this week by an Italian tourist. He said that the pair tried to sell him a bracelet and he became suspicious because the girl spoke Italian and the woman she was with did not.

Denise's abduction in some ways resembles that of Madeline McCann, the 4-year-old who disappeared from her parents' holiday apartment in Portugal while they ate dinner across the street.