September 14, 2008

Mantra for Youthful Skin!


You really can fight wrinkles from the inside out.

And there's a fruit that can lead the charge. It's papaya. What makes papaya so perfect? Easy. Vitamin C. Papaya has loads of it, and getting lots of vitamin C may mean more youthful skin - fewer wrinkles and less thinning and dryness.

The mysteries of C

Vitamin C is a natural friend to skin. The nutrient is essential for making collagen, the protein fibres that give skin its strength and resiliency. And being a powerful antioxidant, C also disarms free radicals that would otherwise chip away and weaken collagen. Vitamin C helps protect skin from this sun scourge, too.

More food for your face

A little extra vitamin C isn't all it takes to plump your complexion. Here are a few more food tips that can help keep your face fresh:

Munch on walnuts. In the vitamin C study, researchers also noted that diets rich in linoleic acid - an essential fatty acid in walnuts - meant moister, plumper skin.

Ease up on fats and refined carbs. Scientists found both were linked to aging skin.

Think whole grains. The magnesium and B vitamins you get from them help with the regeneration of skin cells.

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