September 15, 2008

Exosome Diagnostics Names New Director of Genetics Research

Exosome Diagnostics, a developer of proprietary genetics-based diagnostic tests with applications in oncology and endocrinology, has appointed Johan Skog as its new director of genetics research.

In this role, Dr Skog will oversee the research program that underlies the company's development of its blood-based diagnostics that can identify cancer-specific genetic mutations.

Dr Skog is the primary discoverer and inventor of Exosome Diagnostics's core technology that has been licensed exclusively to the company by Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr Skog has received his PhD specializing in gene therapy from Umea University in Sweden.

James McCullough, chairman and CEO of Exosome, said: "Dr Skog's discoveries are the foundation of our development program to capture diagnostic quantities of genetic mutations in blood. His expertise as the inventor of the technology of isolating genetic mutations from circulating exosomes for use as diagnostic and prognostic tools will enable the company to rapidly move forward on its first program, a blood-based diagnostic for brain cancer."