September 16, 2008

Iris BioTechnologies Chairman & CEO Simon Chin Gave Acceptance Speech for Frost & Sullivan’s 2008 North America Technology Innovation Award in Pharmacogenomics

Simon Chin, founder, chairman, & CEO of Iris BioTechnologies (OTCBB: IRSB), a theranostics company focused on providing patients, doctors, and clinicians with improved methods of identifying effective treatment solutions, gave his acceptance speech for Frost & Sullivan's 2008 North American Technology Innovation Award in the field of Pharmacogenomics at the Growth Excellence Awards Banquet. The event was held Monday, September 15th at the Park 55 Hotel in San Francisco, CA.

This award has been bestowed on the company in recognition of its research and development efforts in the furtherance of a patented, integrated technology platform, the Nano-Biochip(TM) (the "Chip") gene expression diagnostic system, in tandem with its sister-project, BioWindows(TM), an artificial intelligence bioinformatics platform exclusively designed for the Chip.

"It is my esteemed honor to accept this prestigious award on the company's behalf," said Mr. Chin. "As Iris BioTechnologies continues to grow, our efforts are being recognized by industry influencers. We are very thankful for this accolade and look forward to seeing our technology help advance personalized medicine over the next decade."

About The Technology

The Nano-BioChip(TM) and informatics system were designed to work together in affording physicians the most effective, customized treatment protocol for patients. This methodology uses a patient's genetic imprint and other critical histological dynamics central to a disease's incidence, such as lifestyle and environmental factors. For patients, this technology would be pivotal in yielding a personalized treatment regimen, with the greatest possibility of success, for each individual patient's particular type of disease such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or gene-related metabolic disorders.

BioWindows(TM), the company's informatics system, tabulates and compiles a personalized in-depth profile per patient to help determine the most appropriate medical solution to their medical situation. The database facilitates comparisons with a central repository of gene profiles to assist doctors and scientists in using targeted diagnostic to personalize medical treatments. The BioWindows survey, which is secure and available online, was launched on Mother's Day, May 11, 2008.

About Iris BioTechnologies

Iris BioTechnologies (, located in Santa Clara, CA, is a theranostics company, dedicated to creating a novel approach to monitor gene expression levels and mutations in order to identify the ideal treatment solution for patients. By categorizing individuals according to their genomic and personal profiles, Iris BioTechnologies accurately determines the optimal medical solution for each patient through a proprietary informatics program, BioWindows. Iris's ever expanding database, in addition to their developments of the Comprehensive Cancer Chip(TM), NeuroChip(TM), CardioChip(TM), and MetabolicChip(TM) adds to their extensive product pipeline. The company's first biochip, the BreastCancerChip, is expected to be available in the second half of 2008.

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