September 16, 2008

Fla. Cops Sort Out Tale of Duct-Taped Teen

Florida police say an apparent argument over a boyfriend ended with a teenage girl tumbling out of a moving car after having her hands taped together.

The 17-year-old Bradenton, Fla., girl was recovering from a fractured skull Tuesday and her parents were free on bond and facing child abuse and false imprisonment charges.

The police report said the incident last Friday began when the girl met up with an unidentified male while staying with her grandparents while her parents were in Tampa.

The Bradenton (Fla.) Herald said the teen told police she had her grandparents' permission for the rendezvous. However her brother called the parents to report what was going on.

The parents headed to Bradenton where they allegedly taped the girl up and stuck her in the trunk of their car for the ride home. The girl was able to free herself and apparently jumped out of the trunk while the car was moving, the Herald said.