September 17, 2008

Formatech Awarded Patent for New Drug Formulation

Formatech, a provider of contract development services for pharmaceutical companies, has received a new US patent which covers novel formulation methods to enhance the solubility of hydrophobic compounds.

According to the company, the patented technology effectively solubilizes pharmaceutical compounds in micellar formulations containing fatty acids or fatty alcohols. Further, it addresses many excipient related safety issues, results in significantly higher maximum tolerated doses and delivers drug formulations compatible with parenteral, oral, pulmonary and topical administration.

Indu Isaacs, CEO of Formatech, said: "This novel technology is ideal for application to commercially successful drugs that call for a safer, more effective drug product formulation, including Taxotere, Taxol, Diprivan and Cyclosporin. The formulation technology is also applicable to many novel hydrophobic pharmaceutical compounds and new chemical entities."