September 18, 2008

OBG Management Begins Celebrating a Milestone Birthday

MONTVALE, N.J., Sept. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Dowden Health Media announces OBG Management's 20 years of bringing obstetricians and gynecologists the knowledge to provide better care.

With the September issue, OBG Management begins celebrating its 20th birthday and will be through September 2009. Following are excerpts from the "Editorial" from the September 2008 issue, written by Editor in Chief Dr. Robert L. Barbieri and Publisher Jennifer Day, and addressed to the publication's readers:

"In our 20th year, we're working (as we have in the past) to have    OBG Management recognized as the premier source of information for your    work -- in print, online, and at live meetings -- whenever you need that    information... .    "Our editorial staff, esteemed Board of Editors, and authors have worked    hard to achieve our principal goal:     -- Support your professional development    -- Reinforce and advance the high quality of care you provide for your       patients    -- Relieve some of the "pressure," from all directions, to stay       competent, grounded, and satisfied... .    "We believe that we accomplish that goal by publishing timely,   authoritative articles that offer evidence-driven approaches to diagnosis   and treatment... .    "Our first birthday 'present' in the celebratory year is for you, not for   ourselves: the eye-opening and insightful cover article of this issue on   how simulations of obstetrical procedures and emergencies are changing the   nature of OB training and continuing education ... ."
Developing an article for publication in OBG Management is arduous. The process includes:

   -- Research and testing of potential topics, of which only 20% advance to      be developed as articles   -- Recruitment of experts and clinical educators   -- Review by members of the Board of Editors and other experts   -- Highlighting changes in diagnosis and treatment for clinical practice      in a reader-friendly fashion   -- Providing illustrations, photographs, and other supportive visual      materials   -- Surveying our readers to identify how to continually improve the      editorial process... .     Here's more from Dr. Barbieri's and Ms. Day's "Editorial":    "Looking forward to the next 20 years, one of our most important goals is    to develop Web-based, interactive materials that support and multiply the    positive impact of our articles on our readers and their patients,    materials to which you can have access every minute of the day.  ...    "We know that changing demands of ObGyn practice -- time pressures,    reimbursement struggles, swiftly evolving technology, and fundamental    change in the means of communication and information gathering -- require    you to be selective about what you read and watch... .    "The editorial and design staffs, Board of Editors, and management of    OBG Management are thankful for the opportunity to serve you, Reader.    Here's to the celebratory year of publishing ahead, and to the 20 years    that follow! And here's to your continuing success and satisfaction as    you care for your patients!"

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