September 19, 2008

Nymox NX-1207 Data Presented at American Urological Association Meetings in San Diego and Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico

Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation (NASDAQ:NYMX) is pleased to announce two separate presentations of new data by independent clinical investigators involved in U.S. clinical trials of NX-1207, Nymox's investigational drug for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The first presentation was at the annual meeting of the Northeastern Section of the American Urological Association in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM; the second at the annual meeting of the South Central Section of the American Urological Association in San Diego, CA. The data were reported from NX-1207 Study 02-0016 which compared 90 day results for patients with symptomatic BPH who were given a single administration of one of 2 dose levels of NX-1207 or a 90 day course of finasteride, an approved drug for BPH.

The San Diego presentation was given by Dr. Pat Hezmall of Arlington, Texas. Detailed new data were reported on symptomatic benefit from NX-1207, prostate gland volume reduction and urine peak flow rate change, as well as safety data. According to the presentation "NX-1207 treatment for LUTS due to BPH involves an office based, transrectal injection requiring only a few minutes to administer, associated with minimal discomfort and no catheterization requirement. Results at 90 days indicate significant symptomatic improvement and a very acceptable safety profile."

The presentation in Santa Ana Pueblo was given by Dr. Raphael Wurzel of New Britain, Connecticut. Further detailed new data on NX-1207 efficacy and safety were reported. According to the presentation, after 90 days patients treated with a single therapeutic dose of NX-1207 had "significantly improved" BPH symptom scores (AUASI improvement of 9.71 points, p=.034) and "significantly reduced" prostate size (reduction of 4.90 g, p=.013). The presentation noted that NX-1207 treatment was office-based and analgesic and anesthetic-free, did not require catheterization and had no compliance problems. The injection usually took "1-2 minutes to perform."

Blinded clinical trials to date have shown that men treated with NX-1207 reported statistically significant improvement in BPH symptoms 3 months after a single NX-1207 treatment with no reported serious drug-related side effects, including no (0%) significant sexual side effects. In two multi-center Phase 2 U.S. prospective randomized blinded clinical trials, the aggregated mean improvement in the Primary Endpoint of BPH Symptom Score for 2.5 mg NX-1207 was 10.3 points or a 44% improvement in Symptom Score.

Results of 6 follow-up studies of available subjects from NX-1207 clinical trials have provided evidence of durable benefits from NX-1207 treatment for up to 4 1/2 years from the date of treatment. The Company recently announced statistically significant improvement compared to placebo in a 22 to 33 month follow-up study of 93 patients treated with NX-1207 at 17 U.S. clinical trial sites. Results in that study showed that patients at follow-up without any other treatment for BPH had a mean of 11.3 points BPH Symptom Score reduction, which represents a 47% improvement in symptoms from before treatment.

BPH treatment represents a growing market with more than 100 million men worldwide being estimated to suffer from BPH symptoms. The disorder is a common affliction of older men, affecting approximately half of men over age 50 and close to 90% of men by age 80, and is associated with growth in prostate size as men age. BPH causes difficulties with urination associated with aging, such as urination at night, urge to void frequently, hesitancy, weak stream, and other problems, and can cause acute urinary retention requiring immediate medical attention.

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