September 21, 2008

Calypso(R) Medical Technologies Reports Advancements in Radiation Treatment for Cancer Patients

Calypso(R) Medical Technologies, Inc. today announced the launch of the Adaptive Workflow Efficiency release, developed to provide connectivity between the Calypso(R) 4D Localization System(TM) and Varian Medical Systems' 4D integrated treatment console (4DITC). The Adaptive Workflow Efficiency release is a product upgrade for current customers and will be showcased by Calypso Medical at the ASTRO 50th Annual Meeting at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on September 21 - September 25, 2008.

Known as GPS for the Body(R) technology, the Calypso System utilizes implanted Beacon(R) transponders to setup and continuously track the position of targeted tissue during radiation treatment. When the tumor site moves outside of acceptable limits, the clinician can immediately adapt therapy to ensure treatment is delivered as prescribed to the cancerous tissue while avoiding adjacent healthy organs.

The Adaptive Workflow Efficiency release is compatible with 3D conformal radiation therapy, conventional intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and volumetric modulated arc therapy. A suite of online and offline motion management solutions allows clinicians to optimize treatment while maintaining fast and efficient patient throughput. Online motion management solutions include Data Input(TM), enabling electronic data transfer from treatment planning to the Calypso System and the new Adaptive Couch Repositioning(TM) option, enabling motion management from outside the treatment room, dramatically improving efficiency and expediting treatment time. Offline motion management solutions include Beam On(TM) and new Trend Reports(TM), providing easy-to-interpret motion trend reports allowing a quick assessment of tumor motion over multiple fractions. Tracking data provides input to the clinicians to optimize a patient's treatment based on their individual motion profile.

"Calypso Medical is committed to continuously advancing radiation treatment options. The Calypso Medical GPS for the Body(R) technology combined with Varian Medical Systems' 4DITC, allows clinicians to manage tumor motion adaptively, throughout the delivery of the radiation treatment to improve overall workflow and clinical results," said Christopher Haig, vice-president of marketing and business development at Calypso Medical.

Efficient workflow is at the heart of the Calypso System design. The Calypso System is compatible and complementary with conventional linear accelerators, including Varian's RapidArc(TM) radiotherapy technology. With the advent of real-time target tracking from the Calypso System, physicians have increased clinical confidence knowing the target and radiation beam are aligned throughout treatment delivery.

Karla Knott, senior director of marketing for Varian Medical Systems notes, "The Adaptive Workflow Efficiency product highlights new connectivity between Calypso Medical and Varian. We are committed to standardized connectivity allowing support of unique operational advantages for the radiation therapy clinicians with industry innovators, like Calypso Medical."

Future advancements currently under development(*) utilizing the Calypso System with Varian Medical Systems delivery technology will also be demonstrated at ASTRO this year including real-time methods to manage motion and adjust treatments during beam delivery. We are very pleased to be an important part of this exciting future innovation," notes Eric R. Meier, chief executive officer and president of Calypso Medical.

A demonstration of this real-time motion management technology may be viewed at the Varian Medical Systems booth #547 and at the Calypso Medical booth # 1418.

About Calypso(R) Medical

Calypso(R) Medical Technologies, Inc. ("Calypso") is a Seattle, WA-based privately held medical device company. The Company's proprietary tumor localization system utilizes miniaturized implanted devices (Beacon(R) electromagnetic transponders) to continuously, accurately, and objectively pinpoint and track the location of tumors for improved accuracy and management of radiation therapy delivery. Calypso addresses two major issues in modern radiation oncology: errors in treatment set-up and tumor motion management during treatment. In addition, the Calypso(R) 4D Localization System's non-ionizing electromagnetic guidance has been found to improve workflow efficiency and treatment room utilization. The technology is designed for body-wide cancers commonly treated with radiation therapy. The products are FDA 510(k) cleared for use in the prostate and post-operative prostatic bed.

(*) Works-in-progress, not available for sale in the U.S.