September 22, 2008

Calypso Medical and Siemens Healthcare Sign Product Collaboration Agreement

Calypso Medical Technologies and Siemens Healthcare have announced a product collaboration agreement that will begin to integrate Calypso Medical's real-time tumor tracking data with Siemens's linear accelerator products.

The first application to be addressed under this agreement will include adaptive gating, the capability of automatically interrupting the radiation beam from a linear accelerator in response to patient motion, organ motion or tumor position.

According to Calypso Medical, its GPS for the Body technology uses tiny electromagnetic transponders placed in or around the tumor to provide precise, continuous information on the location of the tumor at all times during external beam radiation therapy. This real-time information is critical in cases where the tumor may move due to normal physiological processes or if the patient moves during treatment. These types of movement may cause the radiation to miss its intended target and hit adjacent healthy tissue.

In contrast to other tumor targeting solutions, Calypso's GPS for the Body technology is also said to provide continuous tumor position information, thereby optimizing the delivery of radiation to the tumor and minimizing misapplied radiation to normal tissue.

Holger Schmidt, CEO of Siemens Healthcare's Oncology Care Systems, said: "The adaptive gating capability will allow Siemens customers to set treatment parameters in advance and have the confidence that the beam will be turned off automatically if the target moves out of alignment with the radiation beam.

"Our product development collaboration has the potential to further differentiate Siemens's linear accelerator platforms, such as Artiste. This agreement further reinforces Siemens's continued commitment to helping clinicians achieve optimum patient care and more efficient delivery of radiation therapy."