September 23, 2008

Happy Day for `Siamese Twins’

PADANG BESAR: Exactly a year ago, Siamese twins Nur Badrishah Nurhisyam and Nur Bahiyah were born conjoined at their abdomen and life seemed bleak for their parents.

But after a successful separation surgery on Feb 2, the girls are now on the road to recovery, leading healthy and happy lives like other children.

Yesterday, with the help of their parents, the twins blew out the candles for their first birthday cake.

Their modest kampung home in Semadong, Beseri, came alive with the Happy Birthday song and balloons as the family celebrated their first year.

"I am thankful to God because my twin girls are almost stable in their health," said their father, Nurhisyam Mohamad, 31.

Since returning home from the surgery at Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Nurhisyam and his wife, Sopiah Daud, 31, had been keeping a close watch on the twins.

"We are focusing on taking care of our precious girls this year, nothing else," said Nurhisyam, who is an operator at the Chuping Sugar Factory near here.

Nur Badrishah and Nur Bahiyah were born by Caesarian section at Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Star on Sept 22 last year.

The girls were joined at their abdomen and buttocks.

They were transferred to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for surgery on Feb 2 this year.

For the moment, both twins rely on a colostomy plastic bag attached to an opening in their abdomen to release body waste.

Nurhisyam said the twins might have to continue using the colostomy bags for another two years before they could go through a follow-up surgery to correct their condition.

He said Nur Bahiyah, the younger twin by mere seconds, had been suffering from fatigue and asthma.

"We had her warded for fatigue and asthma several times since coming home from surgery. But she is fine now. Both of them are getting stronger by the day."

On the family's Hari Raya preparation, Nurhisyam said that this year's celebration would be a modest one.

"We've already bought two sets of baju raya for them each. Some Good Samaritans have also contributed some new clothes for the twins."

Nurhisyam and Sopiah have three elder children: Mohamad Nazri, 12, Nur Atirah Ayuni, 8, and Nur Anis Alya, 2.

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