September 23, 2008

Windsor Healthcare to Maintain Quality Patient Care During Labor Action

Windsor Healthcare skilled nursing facilities in eight Northern California communities will conduct business as usual this week despite a labor action scheduled by union leaders this coming Wednesday.

"We are deeply committed to our residents and their families. The labor strike will not affect the top quality care our patients receive at any of our facilities," said Windsor Healthcare spokesperson David Farrell. "We are well prepared and we will be fully staffed during the strike."

Mr. Farrell added, "Our patients will not be impacted. We are proud of the quality of care and high standard of service we provide our patients and their families. This strike will not jeopardize that standard."

The strikes will take place at eight of Windsor Healthcare's 29 facilities. The facilities being affected are in Northern California and include locations in Concord, Hayward, Salinas, Fremont, and Monterey.

Ken Cess, Windsor's Regional Director of Operations, said the facilities will continue to admit new patients during the strike. "We recognize the important role our facilities play in each community," Mr. Cess said. "During the strike, we will continue to accept new patients and provide them with the quality care they expect."

Union members are preparing to strike after making an unreasonable demand for a 33 percent increase in wages over the course of the three-year contract.

"The truth is that Windsor offered a 4 percent raise annually, above the industry standard 3 percent," said Mr. Farrell. "Union leaders are demanding an 11 percent hike in pay each year which is not only unreasonable, but simply out of touch with reality."

Windsor workers are being represented by United Healthcare Workers union, a subsidiary of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which was recently charged with financial misconduct and the misuse of millions of dollars of its members' money.

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