September 23, 2008

Savasa Launches Fitness Line Custom-Designed For Women’s Bodies

IRVING, Texas, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Savasa, a specialty women's fitness brand, today introduced a new custom-fit fitness line designed from the ground up for women's bodies and their hectic schedules. Savasa's new workout gear features products made for different heights and fitness levels, along with smaller grips and handles modeled on women's hands. Product packaging is color-coded to help women choose the gear that best fits their bodies.

Each Savasa product comes with a DVD featuring 15-minute workouts created by professional trainers. Women can watch video, print workout guides or download audio workouts to iPod(TM) or MP3 players from the DVDs to customize their workouts even further.

For the final "woman's touch", Savasa designed the line with stylish colors and smooth shapes and textures so the gear would blend in with a home workout environment. Comfortable fabrics and sturdy plastics can easily be cleaned to prevent smells and discoloration.

"Because every woman is special and uniquely created, they deserve a complete fitness line that distinctively fits them and their lifestyle," said Holly Hall, Senior Product Manager of Fitness, Savasa. "Everything in the Savasa line is based on comfort, style, and convenience for today's busy woman. We believe if fitness is made to be fun, easy and feels good that it will inspire women to take 15 minutes out of their day resulting in a healthy mind and body with less stress."

Savasa is owned by world-renowned Easton Bell Sports and draws on the company's heritage of customized sports equipment and accessories for men, women and children. Savasa's new line focuses on three major exercise areas: Strength Training, Cardio Training, and Yoga/Pilates -- allowing women to get a better, more enjoyable workout using equipment that is stylish and custom- fit to their bodies.

   Savasa's custom fit line includes:   *  Jump ropes, hand weights and resistance bands with hand grips shaped to      fit a woman's hand;   *  Yoga mats, water bottles, weighted balls and body balls that are made      with non-toxic plastics;   *  Workout gloves, ankle and wrist weights featuring comfortable, easy to      clean fabrics and plastics that prevent smells and discoloration.  

Savasa's internal industrial design team worked with female fitness trainers and women of all fitness levels in creating the new line. Savasa's core components are integrated throughout the line in Savasa's convenient multi-format workout DVDs, packaging and web site at

The Savasa line is available nationwide at online retailers including and, as well as in many retailers including Fred Meyer and ULTA.

About Savasa

Savasa is owned by Easton-Bell Sports, Inc., a leading designer, developer and marketer of innovative sports equipment, protective products and related accessories. The company markets and licenses products under such well-known brands as Easton, Bell, Riddell, Giro and Blackburn. Its products incorporate leading technology and designs and are used by professional athletes and enthusiasts alike. Headquartered in Van Nuys, California, Easton-Bell Sports has 31 facilities worldwide. More information is available at


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