September 23, 2008

Group Formed to Tackle Milk Contamination

According to Chief Executive Donald Tsang has pledged care for Hong Kong babies affected by milk contamination, adding a task force will be formed to study the medium and long- term issues. Speaking to reporters after visiting Yau Ma Tei Jockey Club General Outpatient Clinic this afternoon, Mr Tsang said immediate actions have been taken to deal with the problem, including implementing a ban on melamine in food products and designating 18 clinics to look after affected babies. Noting the number of Hong Kong babies taking Mainland infant-formula is relatively small, he said the Government can contain the problem. However, the incident has long-term implications and therefore a special task force including specialists will be formed to assess the situation and formulate a long-term strategy. It will maintain close contact with the Mainland authorities to understand the range of the products affected by the contamination and will study whether local medical facilities and human resources are adequate to cater for the development. It will also formulate plans to look after Hong Kong babies who live on the Mainland and come to the city to seek medical treatment, and study ways to help adults and the elderly who have consumed affected products. Secretary for Food & Health Dr York Chow said 700 children have been checked so far and up to a third will be further examined.

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