September 23, 2008

The Institute for Health Protection and the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing Partner to Launch the Hemophilia Nurse Assessment-Based Certificate Program

BOSTON, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Institute for Health Protection, (IHP), the premier national organization designed to turn evidence-based healthcare knowledge into everyday practice, today announced the launch of the Advanced Practice Certificate: Hemophilia Nurse Assessment-Based Certificate Program. This program is accredited by the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and is funded through an educational grant from Bayer Healthcare.

The goal of the hemophilia program is to enable nurses to participate in seven modules to earn continuing education. For eligible Advanced Hemophilia Treatment Center Nurses, this program also offers the opportunity for nurses to earn an assessment-based certificate by passing a comprehensive examination of hemophilia nursing knowledge and competencies in the area of hemophilia care. This program will allow nurses to demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge in the area of hemophilia.

"There is an urgent need for treatment center nurses with specialized knowledge, skills and experience in managing patients with bleeding disorders. This assessment-based certificate program reflects that level of expertise and achievement, and is the first program to recognize nurses specializing in hemophilia," said Joni Osip, RN, MS Program Manager at the Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders.

The program will kick off on November 16, 2008 following the National Hemophilia Foundation's Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. The program content will be offered to all nurses working in hemophilia care, and the certificate opportunity will be available to nurses who meet eligibility requirements. All seven learning modules will be available on-line and will be rolled out over the course of the next several months.

According to Catherine Bevil, Director Continuing Nursing Education and Evaluation at UNMC College of Nursing, "This program provides value for hemophilia nurses and for patients and families dealing with hemophilia. One of the unique strengths of this program is that it was requested directly by hemophilia nurses themselves, and is now being developed with the support of a hemophilia nurse working group. This provides a unique perspective on the specific needs of nurses specializing in blood disorders."

The seven learning modules will cover topics relevant to Hemophilia and the Nursing Community. Topics covered in this program may include:

   --  Provider/Patient Communication Tools   --  Diagnosis, Coagulation, Genetics   --  von Willebrand's Disease and Other Bleeding Disorders   --  Advanced Clinical Assessment Skills   --  Treatment Options   

Input for this program has been provided by a group of dedicated nurses serving as a working group providing advisement on content, eligibility and structure.

The Institute for Health Protection (IHP) utilizes its extensive network of relationships across a wide spectrum to bring together the right combination of individual and organizational stakeholders to achieve the common goal of improving healthcare outcomes in communities that need it most. For more information about IHP or the Nurse Certificate Program, please, visit or call Sarah Manley at 646-867-0536.

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