September 23, 2008

Tests on Toddler Injured By Dirty Needle in Health Centre

A two-year-old Staffordshire girl has undergone blood tests after pricking her finger with a dirty needle she found on a health centre floor, her parents said yesterday.

Mother-of-three Hollie Bromley, 21, was at Tunstall Health Clinic in Stoke-on-Trent with children Casey, two, and 10-monthold Dominic when Casey found the used needle under a desk last Wednesday.

The toddler was taken to University Hospital of North Staffordshire for blood tests but doctors told her parents it was too early to know if she has contracted an illness.

Mrs Bromley, 21, who lives with husband Leon Bromley and their children in Henry Street, Tunstall, said: "We were there to get the little ones weighed and measured, in a side room of the clinic.

"Dominic dropped the top of his bottle and Casey went under the desk to pick it up. When she came out from under the desk her hand was covered in blood and she had a dirty needle sticking out of her finger.

"I felt sick to my stomach. We have no idea who used the needle before but all sorts of people use that clinic - she could have picked anything up.

"The nurse cleaned her up and told us to take us for tests at the hospital which we did but now we just have to wait.

"At the hospital they said they will see what grows in the blood sample over the next three months, then she has to have more tests."

The two-year-old will also have a course of Hepatitis injections.

Mrs Bromley said staff at the Dunning Street clinic apologised about the incident but added: "Saying sorry doesn't help us now does it? It should never have happened. I just hope this never happens again. A baby shouldn't have to go through this and I hope no mother has to feel how I am feeling now."

A spokesman for Stoke-on-Trent Primary Care Trust said: "We are offering the family whatever support they need during what is understandably a worrying time for them."

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