September 24, 2008

Care2Learn and Academic Edge, Inc. Deliver New Interactive, Online Pressure Ulcer Course

Care2Learn, a leading long-term healthcare continuing education provider, and Academic Edge, Inc. (AEI), a research and development group specializing in high-quality learning solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced the launch of their new, online interactive pressure ulcer continuing education course, Every Square Inch: Pressure Ulcer Risk Factors and Prevention Techniques. The new course is the first to be delivered as part of the strategic partnership. All Care2Learn subscribers will be able to access the course through Care2Learn's learning management system.

Ryan Sparks, Vice President of Operations for Care2Learn, said, "This partnership leverages the talent and technologies of both companies to connect Care2Learn students with courses that can significantly reduce pressure ulcer risk. We are looking forward to strengthening and expanding our relationship to continue providing next generation healthcare education."

The launch of the new course was timed in advance of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) classification and rule change deadline of October 1, 2008 for "reasonably preventable" conditions. The CMS new classification system now ranks pressure ulcers as a "reasonably preventable" condition, with the ruling stating that inpatient facilities will not be reimbursed for certain "reasonably preventable" hospital-acquired conditions, including pressure ulcers. These "reasonably preventable" conditions, if left unmanaged and untreated, greatly increase costs for both healthcare provider and patient. The new AEI developed course is highly sought after at this time, as facilities are seeking to effectively educate their staff on how to reduce the incidences of pressure ulcers.

"The learning experience we've created is motivating, practical, and evidence-based," said Dr. Richard Goldsworthy, CEO and Research Director of AEI. "The course content is based on the work and ideas of two leading pressure ulcer experts, Dr. Joyce Black and Dr. Kenneth Olshansky. Through interactive activities, video, and patient cases, RNs, CNAs, direct care workers, and other health professionals caring for patients in home health, long-term care, hospitals, and other facilities will build their skills to provide the very best care."

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