September 26, 2008

New Breathe Again(TM) Seawater Saline Nasal Spray Now Available in the United States

Breathe Again(TM), Europe's best selling hypertonic saline nasal spray, is now available in the United States. Clinically tested in France, Breathe Again ( is 100% natural, combining the benefits of pure seawater and the drying effect of a hypertonic solution. Harvested from Europe's purest tidal seawater off the coast of Saint Malo, France, the superior and unique nasal spray can be used for allergy prevention, nasal congestion, sinus problems and nasal hygiene.

With its minerals and trace elements, this natural seawater closely mimics the body's cell chemistry. By natural osmosis, Breathe Again's hypertonic solution draws congestion from sinuses, as it cleans, clears and rejuvenates nasal passages, helping patients to comfortably Breathe Again.

"Studies show that nasal hygiene, specifically through the use of a pure seawater nasal wash, helps to avoid allergies, colds and sinus problems," said Basil Theofanopoulos, Ph.D., Managing Director, North America, Gerolymatos Inc. "Gerolymatos Inc. is proud to bring our superior product to the United States."

Breathe Again is the first product offered by Greek company PNG Gerolymatos SA in the U.S. market. PNG's U.S. subsidiary, Gerolymatos Inc., was established in 2001 with the aim to offer North American consumers innovative and top quality products that belong to the PNG Gerolymatos SA product portfolio.

Breathe Again, which is all natural, with no side effects, can be used alone or in combination with nasal medications, following the advice of a physician or pharmacist. The product is recommended for daily nasal hygiene as well as for allergies and asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis, colds, deviated septum, post-nasal drip and post-operative congestion.

Use of the product also enhances breathing, improves the filtering mechanisms of the nose, enhances local steroid treatment, reduces the need for antihistamines and antibiotics with regular use, improves both sense of smell and bad breath and may also reduce the spread of germs.

Studies show that nasal spray containing saline solution reduces the number of days it normally takes to recover from a cold by half. Addressing nasal problems, such as allergic rhinitis or congestion, can also reduce or avoid lung complications such as bronchitis or asthma.

Breathe Again is available for adults and children in a 3 oz. spray bottle. The spray bottle is fitted with an anatomically designed nasal applicator for ease of use. The pressurized pump delivery system produces a soft spray to help clean blocked noses quickly and effectively. The children's spray provides a gentler mist with the same effectiveness.

The product is available at major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Longs Drugs and other fine stores. The suggested retail price is $10.99.

Based in Greece, PNG Gerolymatos SA has been offering quality health and beauty products and services internationally since 1923 and exporting its products since the late 1970s, making the company one of the pioneers in the Greek pharmaceutical sector. To further expand its presence internationally, the company established a network of international subsidiaries. Through these subsidiaries and distributors, PNG Gerolymatos is currently present in more than 45 countries. PNG's U.S. subsidiary, Gerolymatos Inc., was established in 2001 with the aim to offer North American consumers innovative and top quality products that belong to the PNG Gerolymatos product portfolio.

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