September 26, 2008

Doc Duchess is a Dab Hand

A NEW wing of a pounds 51m hospital was unveiled by the Duchess of Northumberland.

She was given the chance to use the latest keyhole surgery technology - placing polo mints on a stick - inside Hexham General Hospital's new training centre, which includes a "mock-body" where training nurses can perform laparoscopic surgery using cameras and surgical instruments.

She said: "I think I passed with flying colours. I thought it would actually be on a real patient, but I'm so squeamish about that sort of thing. I hate blood."

The Duchess was given a 90-minute tour of the new multi-million building which is on Corbridge Road, in Hexham, Northumberland.

She then unveiled a plaque and addressed a small gathering of doctors, nurses and hospital workers who had congregated to see her.

"This hospital is quite amazing," she added. "The architect should be congratulated on a stunning design.

"It has an incredible feeling of light and space and it's very human. It doesn't feel like a hospital."

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