September 28, 2008

Profits Before People

A Question that comes to my mind is when and why was the pathology laboratory service at Lincoln County Hospital put out to contract in the first place and not kept in house?

The general public and I know to our cost that when some services are privatised that profits come first before patients.

The managers responsible for this decision should be sacked for putting patients at risk at the county hospital.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in his speech at the Labour Party conference in Manchester, said Labour created the NHS in 1948 and it would only be safe in Labour's hands.

Lincoln MP Gillian Merron should inform Health Minister Alan Johnson that this service remains at Lincoln County Hospital.

Dr Ron Dixon, an expert in biomedical sciences, voiced his concerns about this service being moved to Scunthorpe.

So when are these managers going to listen, for once, to the advice of a medical expert?

MR J. A. HAZELDENE Outer Circle Drive, Lincoln.

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