September 29, 2008

Hedge Fund Artist Amanda Putty Exposes More Insidious Sexist Behavior in a New Series of Paintings and Limited Edition Prints

GREENWICH, Conn., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Artist Amanda Putty, whose photorealistic artwork has raised awareness of sexist behavior in the hedge fund industry, has recently completed a new series of paintings and prints depicting more treacherous fantasies of hedge fund managers - fantasies of money and power directed at women.

The artist, who paints under a pseudonym, has an insider's knowledge of hedge fund attitudes and behavior, having worked in the industry for the past eight years.

The large paintings (approx. 4 by 6 feet) and smaller limited edition prints (approx. 20 by 30 inches) portray women as hedge fund managers, almost exclusively male, envision them: as baby dolls, mistresses, fashion accessories, collectibles and playthings.

Ms. Putty's new work can be viewed at

On the website, the artwork is fully captioned and organized in three sections: HF Office Girls, HF Party Girls, and HF Show Girls. The sections are named for the fantasy roles women in hedge funds today are expected to play for their male "superiors."

The website also includes media reviews and viewer comments. Ms. Putty's work has been called, "brilliant,""illuminating," and "crusading." It has also been dismissed out of hand as "inconsequential nonsense."

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Amanda Putty

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