September 29, 2008

New Book Released By Xlibris Features In-Depth Information About Neurological Disorders–New Book Proves That Sufferers Can Still Live Normal Lives

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Sept. 29, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People who suffer from health disorders are often treated as outcasts by society, often feared and even discriminated against. As such, the need to educate the public and help them understand the plight of sufferers simply cannot be ignored. And most of all, people must understand that sufferers still have the chance to live normally and be free from unneeded negative perception. These are some of the lessons that readers are about to discover as Xlibris releases The Swallow's Flight, a new book written by Nancy C. Schumacher focusing on neurological disorders.

The Swallow's Flight is a compilation of twenty papers the author gave in Europe and China at international medical conferences. The papers deal with Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Friedrech's Ataxia and Bipolar Disorder, as well as fifty watercolor pictures that graphically express the emotions felt by persons with these disorders. With lots of detail, this book provides readers a consumer's view of the disorders and was written to enlighten society about sufferers. Nancy C. Schumacher's presentation is itself a special quest to educate and update readers with the nature of these disorders, especially since society continues to have difficulty accepting their findings. Ultimately, The Swallow's Flight proves that sufferers with these disorders can live ordinary lives.

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About the Author

Originally from Wharon, TX, Nancy Carlisle Thornton Schumacher has lived in Connecticut, California, Hawaii and Minnesota before moving back to New Haven, CT in 1995. She is no stranger to Epilepsy, having had it since she was two years old, and has seen a great deal of change in medications used to control seizures. The mother of three daughters and seven grandchildren has never been controlled and continues to have seizures today. A graduate of Texas Women's University, '61, Famous Writer's School, '73, and Southern CT University in 2004, she has studied in Hawaii and Minnesota as well. Ms. Schumacher found that writing and painting allowed her to express her thoughts to others so that they could learn about neurological disorders. As a member of the Epilepsy Foundation of MN, she was on their speaker's bureau for nineteen years. In 1978, she began working with Daniel Halpern, MD on What Are you Doing the Rest of Your Life, Cerebral Palsy. It developed into two books, one of which was published in 1985, Epilepsy A Personal Approach; the other has not been published, although it has been updated. In 1985, she was invited to the IASSID conference in India to show her new book at a medical conference. Instead she showed her first book, The Special Children, A Mother's Point of View, c1977. The book on epilepsy was shown later in the year in Hamberg at an ILAE meeting. The Spider's Net, a Family's Struggle with Abuse and Epilepsy was published two years ago in 2006 after twenty years of work. Ms. Schumacher's trip to India in 1985 began her journeys to medical conferences to talk about the total person and write extensively about epilepsy, cerebral palsy, Friedreich's Ataxia and Bipolar's disorders. The Swallow's Flight is a compilation of the papers that she has given in seventeen European countries, America, China and Australia. In June of 2006, she attended the European Epileptology Congress in Helsinki, Finland where she spoke out about the need for physicians to listen to the patients and treat epilepsy with drugs that work. She continues to live and write in New Haven with her dog Pepper.

                THE SWALLOW'S FLIGHT * by Nancy C. Schumacher        Tales of Persons with Misunderstood Neurological Disorders                    Publication Date: May 25, 2006           Picture Book; $61.99; 118 pages; 978-1-4257-0749-1 

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