September 30, 2008

Baby Josh Misses Mum’s Big Day – Just!

A PREGNANT bride went straight from her wedding reception to a hospital' delivery room after going through with her marriage ceremony despite having contractions.

Emma Lowdon, 36, tied the knot with her partner Sean Allum, 35, in a register office before being taken to nearby Wansbeck General Hospital in Ashington, Northumberland, to give birth to her first child.

Josh was born five weeks prematurely weighing 5lb, less than 24 hours after his parents' wedding.

The maternity room was renamed the honeymoon suite by hospital staff.

Speaking to The Journal in Newcastle, Mrs Allum, from Dudley, Northumberland: "We did consider cancelling the wedding after my waters broke on Tuesday, but I was absolutely determined that I would be married, and I would be Mrs Allum, before the babycame."

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