September 30, 2008

Axolotl and HealthBridge Extend Successful Health Information Exchange Relationship

HealthBridge, the nation's leading community Health Information Exchange (HIE) operating in the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky region, announced a five (5) year extension of its business relationship with Axolotl Corp., the country's leading HIE technology vendor. Partnered with Axolotl since 1999, HealthBridge has become the largest, most advanced and financially successful community health information network in the United States.

"Healthcare providers in our region are leading the national movement to transform patient care through the use of information technology and connectivity," said Robert Steffel, CEO for HealthBridge. "At the center of HealthBridge's success has been Axolotl's Elysium(R) Exchange solution."

HealthBridge uses Elysium Exchange to deliver more than 2.4 million results to more than 4,400 authorized physician users. HealthBridge's health information network includes 29 hospitals, 17 local health departments, hundreds of physician offices and clinics as well as labs, diagnostic centers, nursing homes and others.

"As the business of HIE has moved beyond results delivery, our relationship with HealthBridge has led to new and exciting products that will help all of our partners benefit further from health information exchange," stated Ray Scott, CEO of Axolotl.

HealthBridge has worked with Axolotl to expand its exchange capabilities in critical areas. Automated reporting has led to significant care breakthroughs, saving physicians and public health departments a vast amount of time and expense. In May, HealthBridge completed an Elysium software upgrade that included enhanced ePrescribing capabilities linking to both SureScripts and RxHub. Later this year, HealthBridge will roll out handheld mobile device integration using Elysium mobile. The two partners are also working on initiatives related to transparency, quality improvement, chronic disease management, personal health records and research.

"We are delighted to continue working collaboratively with Axolotl. The expansion of our service offerings and technology use will continue to transform the quality and efficiency of healthcare - enabling patients to receive the highest quality of care in the most efficient manner possible," said Steffel.

About HealthBridge

HealthBridge is the nation's largest and most financially successful community health information networks. HealthBridge is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1997 as a community effort to enhance the ability to share health information electronically in the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky tri-state area.

Due to HealthBridge and its partners' efforts, the Greater Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky region has become the most advanced region in the country for using electronic health information and connectivity to improve the quality and efficiency of health care. Each month more than 2.4 million clinical lab tests, radiology reports, and other results are transmitted to authorized physicians through HealthBridge's secure electronic network, more than any other community health information exchange in the country.

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About Axolotl Corp

Founded in 1995, Axolotl Corp. is North America's leading provider of browser-based products and services for secure health information exchange and management. Its award-winning Elysium(R) Exchange suite of solutions enables healthcare providers to instantly share information, reduce costs, and improve quality and efficiency.

Today Elysium helps thousands of healthcare entities--including hospitals, health systems, regional health information organizations (RHIOs/HIEs), clinics, laboratories, radiology centers and physician practices--securely exchange clinical information for more than 25 million patients. Elysium's community-wide Master Patient Index, EdgeServer(s), Interoperability Hub, Virtual Health Record, and EMR Lite with integrated e-prescribing are all provided as a software service. In addition, Axolotl-employed U.S.-based transcriptionists provide high-quality medical transcription services, rapid turnaround and total billing transparency using Elysium technology for report delivery.

Axolotl is based in San Jose and best known for introducing Clinical Messaging(R), now at the heart of all health information exchange. For more information about Axolotl, see