September 30, 2008

Mugged Woman Finds She Has Cancer

A Chicago woman says she seen only the best of human nature since she was shot during a robbery and then learned she had ovarian cancer.

Kelly Mulqueeny was taken to Northwestern University Medical Center after being shot in the head and leg in the West Loop entertainment district on July 18.

Doctors treating her wounds discovered she had ovarian cancer and Mulqueeny, 38, then underwent a hysterectomy, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday. She was to begin chemotherapy this week to treat what remains of the fast-moving cancer.

When word spread about what had happened to Mulqueeny, a restaurant manager, she began to hear from long-lost friends and former co-workers who now are helping with medical costs her insurance won't cover, the Sun-Times reported.

"This really taught me a lot about human nature," she said. "Maybe things happen for a reason."