October 1, 2008

Virostatics’ President and CEO, Dr. Franco Lori, to Address the 2nd World Conference on Magic Bullets (Ehrlich II) in Nurnberg, Germany

ViroStatics, srl today announced the Company's President and CEO, Dr. Franco Lori, will be speaking at the prestigious 2nd World Conference on Magic Bullets (Ehrlich II) in Nurnberg, Germany on Saturday, October 4th 2008. Dr. Lori will address the international conference on the subject of "Virostatics: a new class of immunomodulators with dual antiviral and cytostatic properties to inhibit viruses and protect the immune system from hyperactivation during chronic infections."

Dr. Lori will discuss how virostatic drugs represent a new family of antivirals designed not only to suppress viruses but also to preserve the immune system from chronic damage. In particular, he will present the Company's lead developmental product, VS411 - a fixed combination of virostatic drugs undergoing Phase II clinical development for the treatment of HIV.

About the World Conference on Magic Bullets (Ehrlich II)

The quadrennial conference is dedicated to Paul Ehrlich and this year commemorates the 100th anniversary of his 1908 Nobel Prize award. In his Nobel Lecture, Paul Ehrlich laid out the foundation of chemotherapy and the use of drugs to cure patients. He coined the term "Magic Bullets" - a term still used today to describe particularly important and clinically efficacious drugs. This year's conference brings together scientists and researchers from nearly 100 countries.

About Virostatics

Virostatics srl, an Italian pharmaceutical company with operations in Sassari and Pavia, Italy and Princeton, NJ, is committed to discovering and developing novel combination therapeutics to address significant medical needs in HIV/AIDS, chronic infections and related fields. The company is developing its lead product, VS411, as a fixed-dose combination of two drugs to not only decrease HIV replication but to also protect and conserve the immune system. VS411 has completed Phase I and is now undergoing evaluation in a multinational Phase II development program. ViroStatics has developed a proprietary screening methodology to rapidly and efficiently identify cytostatic agents with potential to control the over-stimulation of the immune system that is believed to drive the progression of HIV to AIDS. Virostatics is committed to expanding its pipeline and product portfolio by in-licensing early- and late-stage compounds and exploring co-development opportunities that fit the Company's expertise in specialty pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals in HIV/AIDS.