October 1, 2008

Cempra Signs Research Agreement With Biovista

Cempra Pharmaceuticals and Biovista have signed a research agreement to systematically identify and profile adverse event associations for members of the macrolide drug class.

The data generated will be used to better understand the unique benefit/risk characteristics of this important group of antimicrobial drugs, thereby helping to adapt and optimize future clinical trial designs, said Cempra.

Cempra's macrolide in development, CEM-101, has recently completed a Phase I study.

In addition to its antibacterial programs, Cempra said that it is addressing non-antibiotic, therapeutic uses for macrolides and is screening its macrolide library for motilin-receptor activity, anti-inflammatory activity and GnRH receptor antagonism.

Prabha Fernandes, president and CEO of Cempra, said: "This collaboration with Biovista is a significant step forward in understanding macrolide safety profiles in a way that will help us further our clinical development plans, and ultimately further our goal to bring much-needed antimicrobial and therapeutic drugs to market."