October 2, 2008

Katherine Heigl’s New Firm-Up Plan

By Stephenson, Marissa

To stay camera-ready, this Emmy winner does a tough workout that sculpts muscles fast. BY MARISSA STEPHENSON KATHERINE HEIGL OWES Grey's Anatomy for her lean, svelte physique. When the actress heard that trainer Missy Beaver was teaching kettlebell classes on the set, she signed up for one-on-one sessions to tone up all over. After a few weeks, Katherine's arms were more defined, her legs looked leaner, and her abs were firmer. Now, not even scrubs can hide her sexy shape.

KATHERINE'S WORKOUT Three times a week, Katherine does a half- hour session with Beaver that targets all her muscles and burns more calories than regular weight lifting. She warms up with 10 minutes of easy cardio, then performs 6 to 8 sets of exercises with kettlebells (heavy, cannonball-like weights). "I change the moves every time we train," Beaver says. "It keeps her muscles challenged so she'll continue to see results."

HER ANYTIME EXERCISE When Katherine can't eke out a full routine, she'll do a set of 10 kettlebell swings-swinging the weight back and forth-to get her heart rate up.

HER MOST CHALLENGING SCULPTOR "She groans when it's time for the windmill," Beaver says. "But Katherine loves how defined it makes her look." O Try it Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulders and hold the handle of a 5- to 10-pound kettlebell in right hand next to right shoulder, so weight is resting on forearm. Squat and rise up quickly, pressing weight overhead. Turn feet 45 degrees to the left. Keeping eyes on kettlebell and right arm straight up, bend from the hips to touch left hand to left heel. Tighten abs to return to starting position, keeping right arm locked. Do 5 touches; switch sides to complete set.

WORDS TO WORK OUT BY Katherine repeats "It's only 20 minutes!" to stay motivated during a hard session

Katherine ups her daily calorie burn by walking her three Schnauzers


Katherine uses these items for every workout.

Dragondoor Kettlebell ($77 per 18-pound weight; dragon door.com) "She keeps one in her m trailer and exercises between takes." Nike Home and Away terry cloth wristbands ($8; nike.com) "These help prevent the r inevitable bumps and bruises that can occur when the weights hit your forearms."

Lucy studio knee pants ($58; lucy.com) "Katherine likes form- fitting pants, like these, so she doesn't have loose material in her way when she's lifting and swinging the kettlebells."

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Go to shape.com/heigl to see how to do these kettlebell exercises.

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