October 2, 2008

Liddell Laboratories Offers Effective Options to Mainstream Drugs

MORAGA, Calif., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Liddell Laboratories announces its new homeopathy website to provide all Americans with effective, safe options to mainstream pharmaceutical drugs.

Today's modern homeopathy provides fast-acting treatments for a wide range of health conditions. Since homeopathy works with our body's own healing powers to bring health and wellbeing, adverse reactions rarely occur.

While mainstream pharmaceuticals can save lives, we cannot ignore the fact that Americans are suffering an alarming number of adverse drug reactions.

   --  A 2008 study revealed that over 50% of all insured Americans now take       prescription medicines for chronic health problems. (Medco Health       Solutions Inc.)   --  A 2006 study in the JAMA reported that more than 700,000 Americans       visit emergency rooms each year due to adverse drug reactions from       pharmaceuticals.    

The American Pharmacist's Association Handbook of Non-Prescription Drugs lists the following benefits of homeopathy:

   --  Low cost: remedies average less than $1 per day in acute and chronic       conditions.   --  Minimal side effects, no toxicity, no addiction, no dependency, no       withdrawal.   --  Can work while the patient is on prescription medications for       conditions in which the medication cannot safely be withdrawn.   --  No interaction with pharmaceuticals.   --  Good results can be achieved when self-treating for many common acute       conditions.   --  Patients unable to use conventional pharmaceuticals due to side       effects can often safely use homeopathic drugs.   --  Patients commonly report improvement in overall energy, mood, quality       of sleep, and digestion after being treated with homeopathy.    

Liddell's new website provides natural alternatives in every major O-T-C category. Additionally, Liddell provides breaking health news. Click here to read Liddell's recent open letter to Consumer Reports defending homeopathy with scientific studies proving its effectiveness.

   Liddell offers natural alternatives to treat:   --  Stress / Emotions    --  Premature Aging       --  Stored Toxins   --  Allergies            --  Digestion Problems    --  Cold & Flu   --  Injuries             --  Skin Problems         --  Childhood Ailments   --  Poor Sleep           --  Weight Loss           --  Female Problems     About Liddell Laboratories  

Liddell was founded out of a caring passion for the value of human life, which has motivated us to become an agent of change. Our aim is to empower people with the knowledge necessary to better control their health and to provide important therapy options that help people avoid the often toxic effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Contact: Audrey Hughey; 1-800-460-7733; http://www.liddell.net/

Liddell Laboratories

CONTACT: Audrey Hughey of Liddell Laboratories, 1-800-460-7733

Web site: http://www.liddell.net/