October 2, 2008

Feminine Focus for Rural Girls


Exfoliation, moisturiser, cleansers, acne and pimples were all discussed at the Girl's Day Out in Manawatu yesterday.

Put together by Manawatu Rural Support Services, 32 girls aged 13 to 15 from Feilding, Marton and Palmerston North took part in the Feilding day aimed at making rural girls look and feel good.

Organiser Judy Jack said each workshop was run by professionals. The four modules were Looking Good, which included skincare, makeup and clothing, Body Works in which people talked about nutrition and keeping fit, Hanging Out Safely, with some self defence as well as Cool Things to Do such as sports, recreation and part-time work.

This was the first Girl's Day Out in the region, but there have been three for boys run by Manawatu Rural Support Services.

They included fishing, shooting, riding quad bikes and skinning possums.

But it was different for the girls.

"There are the actions of trying on the clothes, some of the girls are having their eyebrows tidied, some get made up."

Mrs Jack says these are things girls and women do. "They want to look good and feel good about themselves and that's what this day is all about," she said.

Di Bates talked about clothing. The girls tried on different styles, including tights, belts, dresses and tops.

"Pink is the new season's colour. Tunics are great and a good way to hide any bits you want to," she said.

She reminded the girls not to throw their clothes on the floor, because they often went through the wash without being worn and that shortened the life of the garment.

Catherine McKay from Style Inc talked to the girls about skincare and cosmetics. "You don't need much makeup, just enough to make you feel more confident," she said.

Te Manawa Services' Lisa Foggin taught self defence and fighting off an attacker.

"Now I can beat my brother in a fight," one girl joked.

But it had a serious side, and Ms Foggin talked to the girls about getting out of an attack, then running.

They learnt to elbow an attacker; very relevant given the attacks on girls each year, Mrs Jack said.

She said Manawatu Rural Support Services might run another such girls' event in 2009.


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