October 3, 2008

Tainted Candy Found in U.S. (Folo) Nestle Milk Products Are Recalled in Taiwan Melamine Found in China-Made Items

By Jim Yardley

More contaminated Chinese candy was discovered in the United States on Wednesday, this time in Connecticut, where consumer protection officials issued a public warning against eating the sticky sweet, Jim Yardley reported from Shanghai.

The discovery in Connecticut involved the White Rabbit Creamy Candy brand, which is sold in 50 countries but has already been recalled from stores in Britain and many Asian countries. Jerry Farrell Jr., the state consumer protection commissioner, announced that contaminated candy was found at two stores in New Haven, a market in West Hartford and a store in East Haven. In each case, testing found traces of the industrial additive melamine in the candy.

Originally published by The New York Times Media Group.

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