October 4, 2008

Relax With a Good Book …

To Love, Honour And Betray by Kathy Lette (Bantam Press)

Australian writer Kathy Lette's latest comic chick-lit novel focuses on the plight of Lucy, a wife and mother uprooted from her north London home and dumped on the outskirts of Sydney. Faced with Australians, insects and her husband's immediate desertion, Lucy falls apart. But thanks to new next-door neighbour Susie and handsome but troubled lifeguard coach Lockie, she begins to put her life back together. True fans of Lette will love this story, but those who have met a real Australian may find her portrayal of everyday Aussie life rather disturbing.


Heart And Soul by Maeve Binchy (Orion Books)

Meet darling junior doctor Declan, Polish girl Ania who finds a bright new future, caring boss of the clinic Clara and Father Brian, victim of a deranged stalker.

The cast list goes on for pages, but be assured that every one of them will seem real thanks to the skill of the undisputed queen of the ensemble novel.

Set in the present day, in a heart clinic based at a large Dublin hospital, this is a book which enfolds the reader and keeps them enthralled from start to finish.

A perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine and a box of tissues!


Jennie Churchill: Winston's American Mother by Anne Sebba (John Murray)

Following the Channel 4 broadcast of the film Churchill's Mother, based on the subject of this book, readers will enjoy this exploration of an appealing historical figure.

Jennie Jerome was a vivacious Brooklyn girl who, after a whirlwind romance, married into the heart of the British aristocracy to become Lady Randolph Churchill. This biography fleshes out the bones of a story which is both fascinating and surprisingly contemporary.

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