October 5, 2008

Call Made for Knife Statistics

Gloucestershire's health watchdog has called on the Government to make hospitals in the UK keep accurate records of knife related assaults.

The county's Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee has written to MP Alan Johnson, Secretary of State for Health, asking for a national reporting code for knife assaults to be adopted.

The move follows a request by the committee to find out the number of hospital admissions for assaults in the county from Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Without a comprehensive system of recording and no national code the trust could only provide some information.

Coun Andrew Gravells (C, Abbey), chairman of Gloucestershire's Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee, said: "Nobody wants to see statistics collected just for the sake if it, that happens enough already.

"Knife crime does seem to be on the increase though and with tragic consequences in some cases and we would like to see some accurate figures collected, so that we can gauge the seriousness and extent of the problem here in Gloucestershire."

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