October 5, 2008

Look at the Good Done By Clubs

For people asking why we need such clubs as Airsofters (September 29), let me say that my church recently had an away day for men aged 16 to 60+).

They undertook various activities including shooting, archery, go- karting, etc.

The group included former alcoholics and drug addicts that my church is supporting and helping to reintegrate into society, as well as leaders and the pastor.

They all had a fantastic day and have said that the opportunity to play together, work together as a team, chat and get to know each other better helped them in many different ways.

They are all looking forward to doing something like that again. I hope people will begin to look more deeply at issues and not be so easily blinded by the politically correct brigade.

DENISE LOLLEY Neath, South Wales.

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