October 6, 2008

HD Medical Group Selects Single-Chip Digital Filtering Solution From Quickfilter Technologies for Cardiac Anomaly Indicator

Quickfilter Technologies, Inc. announced today that HD Medical Group Limited, an innovative supplier of proprietary and patented heart sound technology, has selected its 4-channel programmable signal converter, designated the QF4A512, for use in its ViScope 100 cardiac anomaly indicator.

The ViScope 100 is similar in size and shape to a PDA and allows physicians to detect anomalies relating to the mechanical functioning of the heart. It has a unique visual display which allows the physician to see the heart sounds as waveforms and pick-up anomalies at the point of care. The unit functions on a Li-ion battery similar to the one used in mobile phones. A fully charged device can function continuously for up to eight hours making it ideal for screening large numbers of patients.

Announced in December 2005, the QF4A512 Programmable Signal Controller and QuickfilterPro4A Software allow systems designers to quickly and easily add precision digital filtering to an application. The chip provides an integrated solution including four channels of analog acquisition, on-board analog-to-digital conversion, anti-aliasing filters, programmable gain and FIR filtering. The entire device is reprogrammable and can be controlled via a simple microcontroller. Combined with a wireless controller, the device makes implementing a wireless sensor node extremely easy and effective.

"The Quickfilter QF4A512 provides a single integrated solution for handling four channels of data acquisition, programmable gain and digital filtering," explained Damon Coffman, Chief Technical Officer of HD Medical. "This easy-to-use solution gave us the ability to deliver a product which is both high performance yet simple to use."

"The HD Medical ViScope 100 provides unique affordability and availability to areas of the world in critical need for quality, early stage diagnosis of heart ailments," said Don DiDonato, Quickfilter's Vice President of Worldwide Sales. "Our technology enabled the customer to design a full-featured yet small and highly affordable product."

For more information on Quickfilter Technologies, Inc. and its products and services, visit: www.quickfiltertech.com. For information on HD Medical Group Limited, visit www.hdmedicalgroup.com.

About Quickfilter Technologies

From Concept to Product in Minutes, not Days

Quickfilter Technologies, Inc utilizes patent pending techniques for implementing a programmable IC that allows an engineer to design a custom circuit for signal processing without the cost and complexity of programming a DSP. Using the Quickfilter solution, it is possible to create and begin operating a custom four-channel analog front end, digital converter and multi-stage digital filter in less than five minutes. Quickfilter's products are ideally suited for sensors in industrial monitoring and control, medical equipment, homeland security, and engine control applications.

The Quickfilter solution comprises over a dozen individual component functions, both analog and digital, into a single integrated circuit (IC) that is programmable using Quickfilter software. This enables customer to rapidly complete a design at significantly lower cost and higher performance. In addition, the IC can be reprogrammed in circuit during design, at the time of shipment or in the field.

Quickfilter Technologies Inc. is a private equity funded fabless semiconductor company founded in 2003 by Bob Silco and located in Allen, Texas. The company is developing a family of programmable mixed-signal integrated circuits that convert noisy analog signals into clean, usable digital signals.

About HD Medical Group Limited

HD Medical Group was founded in 2005 to commercialize the proprietary and patented heart sound technology developed by it. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, HD Medical Services (India) Private Limited, and HD Medical Inc. (USA)

The founders and directors of the company include highly qualified and experienced professionals from the fields of medicine, engineering, medical electronics, corporate and business development. The products continuously undergo clinical evaluation at various healthcare institutions worldwide.

The company has multiple patents and patent pending inventions to its name in the field of cardiac auscultation and patient care. The company continuously pursues a worldwide patent strategy for all its pipeline products.

HD Medical also has strong relationships with some of the world's leading teaching hospitals and universities for ongoing R & D. Some of these institutions include Monash University in Melbourne (through its Centre for Clinical Research Excellence at the Alfred Hospital), University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), KK Women's Hospital in Singapore, and University Hospital Lund, Sweden.