October 7, 2008

No Excuse to Neglect Needy Patients

I read the plight of Roma Tavendale (Standard, October 3) and it made me bristle with thunderous intent. Yes, I had an operation and no, I did not get the type of care that I needed to ensure a speedy recovery.

In fact, the familiar saying about those who yell the loudest gets the cake was very true for me and probably Roma and thousands of others.

It seems to me that when MidCentral Health is under pressure in any way, shape or form, then you enter the system at your own peril.

At the time of my operation, I noticed the first thing to go was the caring dimension as staff tried to keep up with the task demands. I don't feel sorry for those staff members who claimed to be overworked and then used this as an excuse to neglect patients who were totally dependent on them.

I am very much aware of the genuine care and concern the majority of patients do receive from the truly dedicated staff and management at MidCentral Health, and they are and will be the saving grace of MidCentral Health.

However, they too need to acknowledge there's no point in "hanging in there for the good and ignoring the bad''.

Good on Roma's daughter for standing up and speaking up for her mum.

She deserved better. I wish you all the best. (Abridged)

Margaret Graham


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