October 8, 2008

Luminex Corporation Receives Clearance From Health Canada for xTAG(TM) Respiratory Viral Panel

Luminex Corporation (NASDAQ: LMNX), the worldwide leader in multiplexed solutions, today announced that it has received clearance from Health Canada for its xTAG(TM) Respiratory Viral Panel (RVP). xTAG RVP is a unique, groundbreaking test that, from one patient sample, simultaneously detects the 18 respiratory viruses and subtypes that are responsible for the majority of respiratory viral infections.

As many as 80 percent of respiratory infections are caused by viruses, yet these viruses are rarely tested for because the appropriate tests do not exist, are not specific or accurate enough, or are too slow to positively impact patient treatment. With xTAG RVP, in just a few hours from a single patient sample, doctors can detect 18 viruses and subtypes that cause millions of infections in Canada each year. These viruses include influenza; rhinovirus, which causes the common cold; and metapneumovirus, a new virus that is a growing cause of respiratory infection in small children. The test has the potential to improve patient care, reduce healthcare costs and prevent the inappropriate antibiotic use that has contributed to the creation of "superbugs."

"xTAG RVP is a significant advance over traditional virus testing and has the potential to change the way respiratory viruses are diagnosed and monitored in Canada," said Dr. James Mahony, Director of the Regional Virology Laboratory at St. Joseph's Healthcare and Professor of Pathology & Molecular Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, who was instrumental in the development of xTAG RVP. "Because it quickly and simultaneously detects the presence or absence of 18 different virus types and subtypes, xTAG RVP allows physicians to diagnose an infection and make appropriate management decisions. It can detect viruses that cannot be detected with conventional tests and can accurately diagnose patients infected with multiple respiratory viruses."

Based on Luminex's xMAP(R) multiplexing technology, xTAG RVP was created by Luminex Molecular Diagnostics (LMD) in Toronto in partnership with a team of leading virologists and infectious disease specialists including Dr. Mahony. LMD, which was formerly Tm Bioscience, was acquired by Luminex in March 2007.

"Because it can identify multiple viruses and subtypes at once, xTAG RVP offers us unique insight into the pathogens that are circulating in our communities," said Dr. Julie Fox of Provincial Laboratory for Public Health in Calgary, Alberta. "With this insight, we can track and contain virus outbreaks more effectively. This test has great public health value."

Health Canada has cleared xTAG RVP to detect the following viruses and viral subtypes:

-- Adenovirus

-- Corona Virus 229E

-- Corona Virus HKU1

-- Corona Virus NL63

-- Corona Virus OC43

-- Enterovirus/Rhinovirus

-- Influenza A

-- Influenza A H1

-- Influenza A H3

-- Influenza B

-- Metapneumovirus

-- Parainfluenza 1

-- Parainfluenza 2

-- Parainfluenza 3

-- Parainfluenza 4

-- Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) A

-- Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) B

"We have received very positive feedback on the xTAG RVP test from our users in Europe and the United States and are delighted to now be able to offer this test for diagnostic use in Canada," said Patrick J. Balthrop, President and CEO of Luminex. "xTAG RVP has the ability to improve patient care and enhance the surveillance of viruses in communities. This new clearance represents an important milestone for Luminex in the fulfillment of our mission to improve the health of people worldwide."

xTAG RVP tests can be purchased through Abbott Molecular globally and through Abbott Molecular and Fisher HealthCare in the United States. For more information on xTAG RVP, please visit www.luminexcorp.com/rvp.

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