October 8, 2008

Heart Health, Inc. To Introduce USB-Enabled Heart Health Monitor

Heart Health, Inc. (OTCPK: HHEL) is pleased to announce that they will introduce a new heart health monitor (HHM) prototype that operates in 42 countries around the world. This USB connectable monitor will allow a patient to save, and transmit or print their EKG results, enabling a trained medical professional to make a quicker diagnosis of the user's heart condition.

The HHM is a non-invasive device that provides on-demand EKG results for patients who either require monitoring or have a history of heart disease in the family. It can be used outside a doctor's office to provide patients with a simple way to recognize early warning signs that they may need medical attention. Because of the portability of this device, patients can repeat the test at different times throughout the day.

The HHM is a one lead wrist mounted device. Within 40 seconds of starting the test, users receive results which includes a proprietary heart health index reading informing them about the condition of their heart. The HHM, operating on two AAA batteries, could take 11 hours of EKG readings continuously or operate on standby for up to two years. The new HHM also has enough internal memory to store up to 2,000 seconds (30 sets of 60 second) of EKG readings.

"Our new product is a breakthrough in cardiac monitoring as it provides an affordable at home device to the mass population. Cardiovascular disease ranks as America's number one killer, and one of the best ways to protect yourself from this disease is early warning. The other, of course, is to eat right and exercise. We believe this new heart monitor will keep users aware of the state of their heart and aid doctors in prescribing recommended treatments," stated Michael Kron, Chairman and CEO of Heart Health, Inc.

About Heart Health, Inc.:

Heart Health, Inc. is focused on the development and marketing of innovative, cardiovascular medical device products. The Company intends to revolutionize the way in which people monitor the health of their hearts using newly acquired products such as the Heart Health Monitor.

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SOURCE: Heart Health Inc.