October 8, 2008

Tyler Health Care Center in Minnesota Implements AutoPulse

ZOLL Medical Corporation (Nasdaq GS: ZOLL), a manufacturer of resuscitation devices and related software solutions, announced today that Tyler Health Care Center, a 20-bed community hospital in Tyler, Minnesota, is the latest in a growing number of smaller hospitals to implement the Company's AutoPulse(R) Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump.

The AutoPulse was placed recently into the emergency department, which often found it difficult to run codes during the night shift with only two nurses on duty. "AutoPulse is like having an extra pair of hands," said Kris Peters, Acute Care Manager, "Whereas large hospitals may have 10-20 people available on a code, a small community hospital like Tyler doesn't and AutoPulse frees us to focus on other life-saving interventions. Plus, it moves blood more quickly and effectively than is possible with manual CPR. AutoPulse eliminates any variances in rescuer technique."

AutoPulse helps provide the consistent chest compressions called for by the 2005 American Heart Association Guidelines. It is an automated, portable device with an easy-to-use, load-distributing LifeBand(R) that squeezes the entire chest in an uninterrupted "hands-free" manner, improving blood flow to the heart and brain during cardiac arrest.

"In evaluating similar devices, we found that AutoPulse's ability to provide thoracic compressions that improve blood flow to near normal conditions far surpassed the quality of sternal compressions offered by the other device," said Dale Kruger, Tyler CEO. "In a small farming community like ours, where we personally know our many patients, be they neighbors or relatives, providing the best patient care is ultimately important."

"It's rewarding to see more and more smaller hospitals recognizing the effectiveness AutoPulse has in helping staff improve their resuscitation efforts," said Richard A. Packer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ZOLL. "Smaller hospitals, those with 100 beds or less, now account for one quarter of all our AutoPulse sales, and we see this trend growing across the country."

About Sudden Cardiac Arrest

SCA claims more than 1 million lives each year worldwide. It is the leading cause of unexpected death in the world and strikes without warning. Currently, only about 5 percent of victims survive; 95 percent will die from SCA. SCA is an abrupt disruption of the heart's function, which causes a lack of blood flow to vital organs.

About Tyler Health Care Center

Tyler Health Care Center is a member of the Avera Healthcare Network and has been offering comprehensive healthcare since 1915. Located in a small farming community in southwest Minnesota, Tyler's services include family practice, pediatrics, cardiology, geriatrics, chiropractics, OB/GYN, rehabilitation, long term care, home care and hospice.

About ZOLL Medical Corporation

ZOLL Medical Corporation is committed to developing technologies that help advance the practice of resuscitation. With products for pacing, defibrillation, circulation, ventilation, and fluid resuscitation, ZOLL provides a comprehensive set of technologies, including Real CPR Help(R) and See-Thru CPR(R), that help clinicians, EMS professionals, and lay rescuers resuscitate sudden cardiac arrest or trauma victims. ZOLL also designs and markets software that automates the documentation and management of both clinical and non-clinical information.

ZOLL markets and sells its products in more than 140 countries. The Company has direct operations, distributor networks, and business partners throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia, and Australia. 2008 marks the 25th anniversary of ZOLL's resuscitation product development. For more information, visit www.zoll.com.

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