October 10, 2008

Ugandan President Urges Youth “Not to Turn Sex into a Pastime”

Text of report by Cyprian Musoke entitled "Do not turn sex into pastime - Museveni" published by state-owned, mass-circulation Ugandan daily The New Vision website on 10 October

President Yoweri Museveni has urged the youth not to turn sex into a pastime but to engage in academic, domestic and co- curricular activities.

Addressing guests at the 10th anniversary of the Mildmay Centre on Wednesday [8 October], Museveni said: "The youth should avoid prostitution because there is no gain. Do not hurry sex. When you hurry to eat food, it can burn your cheeks. Food is a good thing, but you wait until it cools down.

"The youth's job is to study. You have enough work to do. Why add on more? Your work is reading your books, the Bible or Koran, sports and helping parents. Do not turn sex into a pastime."

Museveni referred to an article published in The New Vision on Tuesday in which a girl stabbed a boy to death at a school dance.

"This girl was only 15 years and was already fighting for men. She was caught and she might hang. Don't you see that is because of hurrying? Parents should caution their children not to hurry."

He urged those in marriage to stay faithful to their partners, the sexually active to go for testing, the infected to go for anti- retroviral treatment and pregnant mothers to go for prevention of mother-to-child transmission. Speaking about those who hide when they discover they are infected, he said: "When you hide meat from fire, what will you use for cooking it? Do not hide what is not hidable. Go for treatment so that you can live a normal life."

The president saluted Mildmay for championing HIV/AIDS care and treatment, saying they had contributed to Uganda's success story.

Mildmay Country Director Dr Emmanuel Luyirika urged the government to check traditional medical practitioners who advertise on radio and divert the sick to untested herbal medicines.

Originally published by The New Vision website, Kampala, in English 10 Oct 08.

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