October 10, 2008

Hemametrics Provides Compliance Solutions for New CMS Interpretive Guidelines for Conditions of Coverage for Hemodialysis Centers

The recent Center for Medicare Services' (CMS) Interpretive Guidelines for its Regulation for Modernizing Dialysis Centers indicated that comprehensive monitoring of fluids are an essential and required part of dialysis treatment and optimize the treatment results. The guidelines also indicate that physicians should evaluate factors associated with anemia, such as hematocrit, hemoglobin, iron stores, and potential treatment plans for anemia, including administration of erythropoiesis-stimulating agent, as well as blood fluid volume. Hemametrics' Crit-Line product provides optimal fluid management for dialysis centers to maintain compliance with these Guidelines.

"These new conditions of coverage elevate the importance of fluid management as an indicator for adequacy of dialysis as well as emphasize its effect on cardiac mortality, intradialytic morbidities, anemia, nutritional status, and access patency," said Diana Hlebovy, Director of Clinical Affairs at Hemametrics.

"CMS's interpretive guidelines are clear in that they require better fluid management for hemodialysis patients," says Patrick Moriarty, CEO of Hemametrics. "Crit-Line provides non-invasive, real-time blood volume change information that allows for proactive intervention during a dialysis treatment, thereby preventing complications, including congestive heart failure. This will ultimately achieve two primary goals: compliance with the Interpretive Guidelines and marked reductions in hospitalizations and mortality."

About Crit-Line

Crit-Line III-TQA is a fluid management and access monitoring tool used during hemodialysis that incorporates photo-optical technology to non-invasively measure absolute hematocrit, percent blood volume change, continuous oxygen saturation and access recirculation. Using red blood cells as the marker, Crit-Line determines the fluid volume change in the bloodstream during a dialysis treatment, using light to determine the ratio between hematocrit and extra fluid in the bloodstream.

This measurement helps physicians better determine both the length of a dialysis treatment and how effective it was. Using Crit-Line, patients report decreased fear of having symptoms, quicker post-dialysis recovery time, fewer medications and improved quality of life.

Further, Crit-Line's improvement of dialysis treatment outcomes results in significantly increased gross revenues for facilities thru increased patient longevity, fewer cardiac related hospitalizations, and unpredicted missed treatments. In fact just two missed treatments per year per patient, pays for the device and disposables in three months or less. The Crit-Line and its associated products are FDA 510(k) cleared, carry the CE mark and are CLIA exempt.

About Hemametrics

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, HemaMetrics is a cutting-edge medical device company working from a base of strong existing patents in optical technology that provides solutions for non-invasive blood measurement. Its platform Crit-Line III TQA technology base enables non-invasive, optical measurement of absolute blood parameters, while the company continues research into further applications and new markets to improve outcomes for medical patients.