October 10, 2008

Words of Choice Begins Tour Across Colorado on October 12 for ‘No on 48′

DENVER, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- WORDS OF CHOICE 2008 Go Vote Tour will begin performances across Colorado on Oct. 12 through Oct. 22. The play seeks to amply "No on 48" conversations about a state ballot measure that could result in a ban abortion, contraception and stem cell research. It will be performed at universities, community centers and theatres in Denver, Boulder, Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

Playwright Cindy Cooper's Words of Choice pieces together excerpts from a dozen real stories and imaginative writing. "I think we need to break away from isolated conversations about policies and start talking about the experiences of people and how they would be affected by a loss of reproductive freedom," Cooper said. "This is a perfect opportunity to begin a broader conversation about the meaning of reproductive justice and choice."

An ensemble of three New York actors, Claudia Schneider, Crista Marie Jackson and Carl H. Jaynes and under the direction of Francesca Mantani Arkus and with Casey McLain, stage manager, will perform the hour-long Words of Choice. All performances are followed by a discussion with a special focus on the state ballot measure. The drastic measure, asking voters to change the definition of "personhood" to the moment of conception, would cause a train wreck with Roe v. Wade, said Cooper. It could affect contraception, abortion and stem cell research.

Colorado State Coordinator Rachel Becker worked along with the New York team of Words of Choice to create partnerships throughout the state to draw attention to the importance of reproductive justice.

Live performances in Colorado will be held on five campuses, as well as other faith-based or public venues. For information and reservations call 303-562-0486 or visit the Words of Choice website at http://www.wordsofchoice.org/.

The tour takes off in Kansas with two benefit performances in Wichita and Hays for 1100 Torches, an organization established to honor the memory of slain activist Jana Mackey.

   Words of Choice is a nonprofit theater organization in New York.     TOURING SCHEDULE - Colorado, 2008    October 12, 12 pm, Denver   October 15,  7 pm, Denver   October 16,  7 pm, Boulder   October 17,  3 pm, Centennial   October 18,  7 pm, Denver   October 20,  7 pm, Colorado Springs   October 21,  6 pm, Pueblo   October 22,  7 pm, Denver    For more info about sponsors, location and ticket info:   http://www.wordsofchoice.org/.  

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