October 12, 2008

Dance Off the Dark Winter Nights


Q I'VE been trying to exercise more but can't seem to get motivated on dark, winter nights. I just want to stay indoors and eat chocolate.

A EXERCISE doesn't have to mean jogging around dark streets. Why not go a bit Strictly Come Dancing and find a local salsa or jazzercise class? It's more fun and if you enjoy it then it's more likely to work.

Q HOW can I stop myself snacking on my kids' meals during the school break? I find it hard to resist if they are having chips.

A I TRY to make sure I have a little snack with them - a fish finger and vegetable sticks keep my fingers busy and kids happy. Remember, low-fat oven chips aren't as sinful as you think.

Q IS it true losing weight can help your sex life? Mine could do with a boost.

A IF you are feeling unattractive it's hard to feel sexy so losing weight may enhance your selfesteem and make you feel sexier.

Q I'VE been sticking to my diet and have lost 7lb - but where does it go?

A WHAT a great question. Your body is great at getting rid of fat - it just breaks it down gradually.

Q WHY do the contestants on shows such as Strictly Come Dancing suddenly lose weight?

A DANCING is a fabulous form of exercise - it can burn up to 400 calories per hour and it's such good fun it doesn't seem like a workout. It's also great for toning without building big muscles.

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