October 12, 2008

Horror of Witchcraft Murders

WITCHDOCTORS kill at least 300 people a year to use their body parts for black magic medicine, a shock TV expose claims.

Victims are dragged off the streets and mutilated in a sickening belief that potions containing the vile ingredients will bring power, health or money.

The "muti" murders are rife across South Africa as poverty- stricken people try to cash in on the trade, worth up to pounds 250 a body.

Channel 4's Unreported World tells on Friday how "healers" use hammers and machetes to remove lips, intestines and genitals.

The witchdoctors claim their muti, or medicine, can cure tuberculosis, pneumonia, even Aids.

In 2001 a boy's torso was found in the Thames after he was killed in a suspected black magic sacrifice.

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