October 13, 2008

Superfoods More Common Than You Think

Researchers believe the answer to the search for a true superfood can be found in the fiber of most fruit and vegetables.

The Institute of Food Research is conducting an ongoing study in which they found pectin, a fiber found in everything from potato to plums, helped fight cancer.

Lead researcher Professor Vic Morris said people no longer need to rely on so-called superfoods.

Morris said, "We hear so much about 'superfoods' like blueberries, but for a combination of different effects it may be better to eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables."

Morris has been leading research on pectin by using hi-tech microscopes that suggest the fiber inhibits a cancer-causing protein called Gal3.

His team is still carrying out more research, but said there was enough evidence to point to cancer-protecting properties in many types of fruit and vegetables.

Professor Morris said, "I am not saying don't eat superfoods, but just make sure you eat others as well."

During the past two years, market analyst AC Nielsen found that sales of blueberries rose by 132%.

A spokeswoman for the British Nutrition Foundation said, "It is very hard to know just what the effect of superfoods is as the evidence is not really available."

"But certainly we should not be focusing on these types and ignoring other fruit and vegetables. There are still not enough people getting their five-a-day intake."


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