October 13, 2008

Cyto Pulse Sciences Announces Approval for Phase I/II DNA Vaccine Study

Cyto Pulse Sciences has received approval from the Swedish regulatory authorities to begin a Phase I/II study of DNA vaccination in patients with recurring prostate cancer.

The trial will investigate the safety of a xenogenic DNA vaccine delivered by the Derma Vax intradermal electroporation system.

The vaccine, which encodes prostate specific antigen (PSA) from a Rhesus Macaque, was developed jointly by Cyto Pulse and the Karolinska Institute and has been licensed to Cyto Pulse. The clinical trial will be conducted at the department of oncology at Uppsala University Hospital.

Richard Walters, Cyto Pulse's CEO, said: "This is a significant step forward for our DNA vaccine delivery system, Derma Vax. The Derma Vax delivery system is designed to be safe, effective and with an emphasis on maximum comfort for the patient. We are hopeful that the treatment will prove to be effective."