October 14, 2008

Joan Lunden Joins PassportMD(TM)

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- PassportMD, the award-winning provider in online health record and wellness services, announced today that television personality Joan Lunden has signed a multi-year partnership with the company. The announcement comes as PassportMD launches its innovative concierge service, ConcierCare(TM). Ms. Lunden, a mother of seven children, will educate busy moms across America about PassportMD's concierge service, which helps users create an online health record for family members by collecting records, digitizing images, and assisting with other health and wellness tools.

As the primary caregiver of an aging mother and best-selling health and wellness author, Ms. Lunden understands the challenges that moms in the "sandwich" generation face as they manage the health and wellness of their children and parents.

"My brother took care of our mother's health care information," said Ms. Lunden. "When he passed away, I had to recreate her last 10 years of doctor visits and prescriptions. It was overwhelming. PassportMD's ConcierCare is an invaluable tool for everyone."

Ms. Lunden will not only help to create awareness of the importance of maintaining a Personal Health Record (PHR), but she will also be involved in future product development and is an active member of PassportMD's advisory board.

Two New Services: ConcierCare and Doctor Access

ConcierCare is the first concierge service of its kind. With one simple phone call, users are able to have a dedicated concierge collect medical records of each person the account designates, including the user's children and parents. Health records are obtained in a HIPAA-compliant manner using encrypted channels after users provide a secure, electronic signature. Collection and population of the PHR takes approximately two weeks.

"People understand the value of having their health records accessible and organized, but find the task of collecting and uploading them incredibly daunting," said Steven M. Hacker, MD, Founder & CEO of PassportMD, Inc. "Our ConcierCare service removes this burden and makes the process simple."

Another important feature of the PassportMD concierge service is the Doctor Access program, which not only makes communicating with physicians easier than ever, but also has the potential to reduce medical errors. Doctor Access is invaluable before physicians make treatment decisions concerning their patient's health. A click of the mouse allows users to invite their doctors to share and review their medical records, including diagnostic quality images.

"Creating an easy way for consumers to invite authorized doctors to view selected health information is the challenge of most PHR companies," said Dr. Hacker. "PassportMD solves this problem."

ConcierCare and Doctor Access are offered as part of PassportMD's concierge service, which is being introduced for the introductory offer of $199.95 per year. Each plan includes up to six family members.

About PassportMD

PassportMD is the award-winning innovator in online health record and wellness concierge services. PassportMD's concierges help time-strapped consumers manage family wellness and create a family's health record. The service allows consumers to store, retrieve and share vital medical records, including files, notes and films from physicians, hospitals and medical practices -- all accessible via password-protected access from any Internet-enabled computer worldwide. PassportMD earned top honors from the prestigious Medical Records Institute's "Best PHR (Personal Health Record)" Awards competition at the Toward Electronic Patient Records (TEPR) Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

For more information on PassportMD, ConcierCare and Doctor Access, please visit http://www.passportmd.com/.

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